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Alphonso Edwards II, a native of South Georgia grew up wanting only to play football. 

The idea of doing anything related to Art was the furthest thing from his mind however, creative inspiration was never far away.  It was not until his sophomore year in high school when the desire to learn how to draw cartoons blossomed into learning how to draw people. 

And so, the journey began…

His undergraduate studies in Art took him from the halls of Albany Junior College, Georgia State University and ultimately, Albany State University where he obtained his B.F.A. in Studio Art.  It was during his time at Albany State University that he started his artistic journey with influences by such artists as Edward Hopper, Piet Mondrian, Albrecht Durer and

Lois Mailou Jones.  An illustrator by skillset but a painter by heart.   This is the essence of who he is and where he is evolving from.  Media of choice… color pencils, markers, pen and ink, pencil and mixed media.  Medium of choice… whatever he can get his hands on. 

Exhibitions and Juried Art Competitions span over twenty-six (26) years from 1994 to present day that have included South Carolina’s National Juried Art Exhibition (1994), Texas’ Annual African American Cultural Exhibit (1994), California’s Juried Art Exhibit (1997, 1998), Clayton County Arts Council and Douglas County Arts Council Juried Exhibitions (2001 to 2012) and Army Arts and Crafts MWR Juried Competitions (2010 to 2017).  Awards have included the Northrop Grumman Art Award awarded in 1994 (Georgia State Fair), Palmdale Visual Arts Award (1997) and the Army Arts and Crafts MWR Prize Award (1st place 2010, 3rd Place 2012).

The journey has been interesting and the process ever evolving but, the joy is in knowing that he is operating in the gift that God has given him.  Leaving a mark that will never be

erased by inspiring others to aspire through art to create, appreciate and inspire. 

It is his lifetime goal to have his art seen, displayed and enjoyed all around the globe in Galleries, Exhibitions, Businesses and Homes.

Simple to complex are the range of emotions that every Artist seeks to capture by expressing that in various forms from a paint brush to spoken word to music to dance.  Everywhere we look there are open spaces to create and express.   My style is ever evolving

towards being ultimately better at what I do.  Simple.   

Enjoy through my eyes, life's beauty as portrayed by me... simply me... Alphonso Edwards II


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